Office_Pic_1_.JPGLooking for a Chiropractor? We offer Chiropractic Massage & Nutrition and serve Okemos, Haslett, East Lansing, Lansing, Perry Mason, Laingsburg, Bath and Williamston MI areas for conditions of neck & back pain, migraine & headache, hip/knee & ankle pain, sciatica, shoulder pain carpal tunnel, auto accident care as well as many other conditions.

Providing Superior Health and Balance Through Chiropractic Care, Nutrition And Therapeutic Massage to Okemos / East Lansing MI

Looking for a chiropractor in Okemos / East Lansing MI who volunteers information? Looking for a chiropractor in Okemos / East Lansing MI that is conveniently located? And looking for a chiropractor in Okemos East Lansing MI who is willing to field phone calls and answer questions? Dr. Kevin Parker and Dr Melinda Bruxvoort offers chiropractic care for all types of musculoskeletal conditions, and is willing to help you too. We aim to educate our patients about Chiropractic and other natural solutions to common health problems in order to motivate you to take a more active and responsible role in restoring and maintaining your own health as well as the people around you.

Our Okemos / East Lansing MI office understands that although our patients may be diagnosed with the same condition, they respond very differently to treatments. For this reason, we tailor a specific chiropractic plan of action to meet your needs, goals & unique medical and physical condition. Our chiropractic website is especially designed for health-conscious people in the Okemos / East Lansing MI region who are looking to utilize the benefits of chiropractic, nutrition and massage to live their life to the fullest.

As a chiropractor, I help people who suffer from a variety of health issues. Naturally, chiropractors help traditional neck and back problems, but chiropractic has also produced wonderful results with a variety of problems you wouldn’t normally associate with the spine, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, pinched nerves, headaches, shoulder,  knee/ankle/foot problems, and many other conditions. Chiropractic is safe. Chiropractic is natural. And Chiropractic works!

Finding a Doctor of Chiropractic who understands changing health care needs and the most current techniques and approaches to addressing health problem in the Okemos / East Lansing MI area can be a daunting task. We hope that you will find this site helpful in learning more about our gentle chiropractic care offered in our Okemos / East Lansing MI office as well as the ways that it can improve the quality of your life. Find out why other Okemos / East Lansing MI area residents are choosing the chiropractor committed to patient education and understanding in Okemos / East Lansing. Call to arrange a consultation today and find out if you're a good candidate for today's chiropractic care!


Dr. Melinda Bruxvoort DC, CCEP|Chiropractor in East Lansing/Okemos MI|(517) 381-9730

Dr. Kevin Parker DC, MAT, ATC|Chiropractor in Okemos/East Lansing MI|(517) 381-9738

Find out why other Okemos / East Lansing MI area residents are choosing the chiropractor committed to patient education and understanding in the Mid Michigan region for over a decade.


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