My lowback was sore all the time and it was starting to interfere with my life. I had actually seen 2 other chiropractors before and it didn't help, so I thought it was something I would just have to live with. My boyfriend talked me into seeing dr Parker and I'm so happy I did!

My Pain is virtually gone! I still come in every couple weeks for maintaining health. I was amazed that a couple quick visits could eliminate what I thought would be chronic pain.

Rebecca T.


Our 10 yr old son was suddenly experiencing stroke-like symptoms. He was rushed to the ER and admitted twice to UM hospital. No one could figure out what the problem was. He would be completely himself and then go into these strange episodes where he would say his head hurt, then he would start babbling and making strange gurgling sounds and his legs would give out on him! UM told us that they were most likely caused by migraines and they sent us home with medication which did not help him. Our son continued to have these strange episodes daily and we were at a loss as to how to help him. We were led to Dr. Parker at Spartan Family Chiropractic. Dr Parker offered us hope with nutritional counseling and chiropractic care! Our son is now completely free from all of those strange daily symptoms! It has been nothing short of a miracle! We are SO THANKFUL that God led us to Dr. Parker!

Laura K.


Excellent Chiropractor! Dr Parker in Okemos MI has helped me with my neck and back pain. I have had nothing but Great Results at this chiropractic office. When I have a problem, no matter how bad it was, I always felt better after my appointment. I have been to many chiropractors but have found that this particular chiropractor has worked well for helping me and my family. If your in pain Dr Parker is your guy. Highly recommended!

Calvin P.


My son has been dealing with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and I was refered to Dr Parker for nutritional evaluation. It has been only 2 months now and its amazing to see the results in this short time. He had trouble paying attention and focusing on tasks, tended to act without thinking, and had trouble sitting still. These things have all stopped!Amazing! to see how finding the underlying problems instead of treating the symptoms has helped. Thanks again for giving me my son back!

Patty J.

I initially came to see Dr Parker for sciatica pain about 1 1/2 months ago. Dr Parker quickly helped resolve that pain through chiropractic care. Being thorough , he asked about my general health. I have been many digestive issues, depression, frequent headaches as well as some neuralgia. He suggested that we work out a nutrition program designed just for me. Now, I have been seeing Dr Parker and following the program for about a month now. My digestion is much better than it was and I haven't taken any headache medicine since starting the program. This is amazing to me because I was literally taking ibuprophen 2-3 times a day! I feel so much better overall and far more energetic! I look forward to healthy days ahead!

Karin C


It was hard to go to through the day and have it be in any way productive. I had headaches almost every day and no energy! My bathroom habits where not at all regular - which was sometimes very painful and frustrating. I went to doctor after doctor with no real answers, just wanting to treat the symptoms but never trying to find out the causes. After seeing Dr Parker..... It is much better! I have energy, and I am sleeping soundly and feeling as though I am actually getting rest. I never thought that taking a natural approach could be so helpful where my other paths where not.

Erin D.


I am a breast cancer survivor. I was very tired all the time and having headaches. I was exercising all the time, walking, doing crunches on the exercise ball, biking and weight training. But still doing all of this, I still need something to increase my energy level. Dr. Parker told me about the Nutrition Response Testing, it sounded to good to be true. I decided to try the program and after just a couple weeks my energy level increased. I am sleeping better at night and my headaches have decreased. I was amazed, this program really works!!

Wendy T.


I used to have severe stomach pain with acid reflux. Within three days of using this program, fifty percent of my stomach pain was gone! By the end of two months, it was totally gone! I also noticed that my neck stiffness and lower back pain are almost gone. I now sleep better through the night and feel rested when I wake. As every week goes by, I feel my body getting stronger and stronger!
Thanks for your help Dr. Parker~ Lorin P.

Before I came to see Dr. Parker I was very, very tired and had a very awful cough for the past 5 years. I had several different tests to see why I was having this cough with no answers. After starting the nutritional program I have a lot more energy and have lost 10 lbs in the last 6 weeks!! My cough is almost gone, I feel like a different person! I love Dr. Parker’s office!
Thanks ~ Cindy S.


For eight years since being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, daily I dealt with pain through my body, arms, leg, back and neck. It took all my energy to make it through the day at work. My sleeping was erratic. I would sleep for 3-4 hours and then be awake the rest of the night. Sometimes I couldn't’ slow down to go to sleep. The pain at times was so overwhelming that I would spend a day wrapped in blankets because my body would become so cold. This even occurred in 90 degree weather. My memory at times was totally gone. I would tease that “I have a good memory, it’s just very short”! After starting the nutritional program with Dr. Parker I have my life back. I feel then years younger. In the last 7 weeks since I have been doing the nutrition, I have had only 2 days of pain. This I found out was due to fumes in my work place from the roof being redone and all my co-workers got sick. I now come home from work, make dinner, vacuum, do laundry, ect, which I did not do before. Last weekend we attended a wedding and I danced for hours. Before I would have been down in pain for a day or 2 (I wouldn’t have danced for hours either). I woke up the next day with absolutely no pain. I sleep soundly now. I go to sleep fast and sleep all night. My memory is back even the smallest detail. Four people in the last week that haven’t seen me for a couple months stated “What are you doing? Your eyes are so alive; you’re so full of energy!”
Thanks for my life back! ~ J. M.


I was having problems with my legs, they felt like they wouldn’t even hold me up at times and they would hurt when I would get up from sitting. I was also having problems with sciatica and ringing in the ears. Sometimes the ringing was so bad; I would ask others if they could hear it. Now I get up and walk with no pain. I can ride in the car and sit for a long period of time with no problems or pain! The ringing in my ears is getting better! Another thing that was bothering me before I came for Nutritional Response Testing was my heal spurs, I don t’ have near as much pain with them and if they heal spurs do flare up now the pain is not as bad as it use to be! ~Kathleen G.


When I began, I had no specific concerns other than long-term health. When asked, however, I came up with the following: my quality of sleep was poor, I was often sweaty even in cool temperatures, and I often needed to use the restroom following large meals. Much of this was due to poor diet and always changing schedule. After several weeks into the program, I have noticed multiple changes. I now fall asleep within 10 minutes of going to bed and wake feeling more refreshed than I have in years. The sweatiness has been lessoned and the urgent need for a restroom has also subsided. Not only now do I take my supplements, I have also changed my diet for the better and have greatly reduced my sugar intake. ~ Jeremy. M.

Long Time Fibromyalgia Sufferer:

I was always so tired and just did not have any energy. My moods were on a daily rollercoaster. I had problem falling asleep and then staying asleep. Now I have so much energy. I feel like I did back in high school. I can sleep throughout the night without waking up every hour. My moods have improved 100%. I feel like the “old” young person I use to be. ~B. B.


Dear Dr. Parker:
I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all the help you’ve given me through the nutritional
supplements. When I started on my program I had severe problems with acid reflux. I also was suffering from constant, lingering pain & severe headches on the right side of my face due to a bout with Shingles (aka... Adult Chicken Pox). I also had some deep scars left from it as well.
I no longer have acid reflux & the pain is almost totally gone from my face with no headaches.
The scars have faded considerably. I so appreciate what your program has done for me.
Thanks so much for all your all help & encouragement! John M

A few months ago I had a horrible case of bronchitis which lasted about 3 weeks. Although the chest coughing I had ended, it still left me with a lot of mucus in my throat that had to be regularly coughed up during the day. At 22 years old, I knew that I should not be feeling this way and for so long. Exercise is a large part of my life, and my cough would even limit my time running at the gym because I had to get off the treadmill too many times to cough it up. Nothing else before this nutritional program worked for me. Within a week of beginning my program, the mucus was gone and my cough stopped! I also got various other benefits from starting my program. Not only myself, but my mom could tell a difference in my mood over the phone and in my e-mails to her. Also, I would occasionally get heart burn, and that has stopped along with my sugar cravings. This testing is truly amazing! For example one Saturday I came in with a painful throat and had white sores on my tonsils, and after Dr. Parker saw me and determined what was wrong, by that following Monday, it was gone! I wake up with more energy and am ready for the day to begin. I cannot thank Dr. Parker enough! I feel and act like the 22 year I should be! Thank you! ~ Rachel B.

When I first came to Dr. Parker, I had overall achyness and sluggishness in the few weeks before I came to see him. I have gained knowledge of overall health that has helped me greatly. My energy level is great. The pain in my legs and hips is gone and the supplements have improved my overall health. I am almost completely off my previously prescribed medication that I had been taking for over 10 years. I have and will continue to recommend this program to everyone!
Bradly J.
Before I came to see Dr. Parker I had stiffness in my knees & hips, low energy, allergies, didn’t sleep well, throat and hoarseness problems and ringing in my ears. Now after doing the nutritional program with Dr. Parker all those problems are much better! Thank so much!!
Marsha G.

I was at a desperate point of being tired of being tired. Fatigue plagued me so bad it was hard to get out of bed most mornings and make it through the day. I couldn’t think fast or clearly, it felt like I was in a cloud and that wasn’t like me. Everyday was a struggle to get through and accomplish normal tasks because I was so ran down. My health was taking a toll on my family and I. Most days I was weak, irritable, my joints ached and I felt like all I could do as sleep. At this point I was willing to try anything to feel better.
How am I now? WOW, I feel incredible! My mental focus is back full force and my fatigue is gone. I’m experiencing things change and improve that were totally unexpected too. Such as my fingernails, they would never grow and they were weak and would split and peal in layers. Now, my nails are strong and beautiful. My complexion is clearer now too and my facial oil glands are not in overdrive anymore.
Now I totally feel balanced now and haven’t felt that way in along time. I’m sleeping better, my body doesn’t ache, and I am a happier person. All I can say is how amazed I am and Thank you to Dr. Parker!

Anne Marie B.

Before I came to see you, I felt out of it. I did not have the energy I had been used too.
My diet was wrong and consisted of too much sugar/wheat. My mood was a roller
coaster going up and down, like the “Gemini” at Cedar Point.
As far as my sleep,
I was tossing and turning every night.

Overall, now I am feeling really good since starting the program 3 weeks ago. My energy is
much better and my moods are consistently above average. I have changed my diet so it,
no longer consists of a high amount of sugar and wheat and I am eating better. This
all has contributed to me feeling better I think. Sleeping has been excellent, no more
tossing and turning during the whole night!

Ryan K.


Before I came to see Dr. Parker, I had headaches 3 weeks out of the month, anxiety and trouble sleeping, hot flashes 3 plus times a day, muscles spasms in my neck and joint pain. Now my headaches are infrequent, my anxiety is greatly reduced and I am sleeping so much better! My hot flashes are barely noticeable and my muscles spasms are gone! Joint pain is minor now, barley even noticeable! I feel so much better doing the Nutritional program!
Mary S.


When I first came to see Dr. Parker to start the Nutritional Program, I had many migraines. I was on 2 daily medications for seizures and neuro pain. I needed to use rescue meds for my migraines at least 10 days out of a month. The days I did not have a Migraine, I had a mild headache most every other day of the month. I also had lots of stomach problems including gas & diarrhea 4-5 times a week. Now after being on a personalized nutritional program with Dr. Parker, I rarely have stomach issues any more! I also weaned myself off my migraine meds & only have needed to use rescue meds 1-2 times a month usually around menses. Rarely do I have Headaches either. I feel so much better! I sleep better and have more energy to boot!

In addition, I also had my 10 year old daughter start the program as she had lots of ongoing stomach problems with stomach aches nightly and was constipated; only going to the bathroom 1-2 times a week. She also had some anxiety with sleeping problems. After my daughter started the program, she now goes to the bathroom daily and rarely has stomach aches anymore. We are still working on the stress/anxiety currently and her sleeping has already improved some!

Jill A.

Before I started my nutritional program, I had colds on a regular basis that would linger for 6,8 even 10 weeks without relief. I had migranes 2-3 times a week. I had been on generic herbal supplements which helped some. Mostly, I came to see Dr. Parker for help with my sons conditions. We have both benefited greatly. Also before I started the program we had been trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant.
Since starting my nutritional program, I haven’t been sick like I was before. I have had “colds” but after visiting Dr. Parker, they pass quickly (2-3 days). Now we are also pregnant, expecting our second child.

Christy H.

I brought my son to see Dr. Parker when he was 18 months old. He had been sick over 90% of his life with one thing or another starting with RSV and GERD. He wasn’t digesting food and he constantly had yeast infections that would cause skin burns. The doctors wanted to put him through allergy testing and possibly a surgery on his intestines. He had been on multiple prescriptions since he was 6 weeks old.

After the 1st month of starting his nutritional program, we had no worries anymore! I don’t fear him grabbing the “wrong” foods. His system doesn’t crash on us sending us to the ER. No allergy tests, no surgery, just a healthy boy! He is now 23 months and we’ve had nothing more than some minor viruses/bacteria issues. Amen!

Christy H.


This is a testimony of the positive, improved health care I have received from Dr. Kevin Parker for almost 2 years.

I have had multiple health symptoms that affected my quality of life. I had been dealing with the symptoms of chronic sinusitis and chronic digestive disorders for almost 10 years. I found Dr. Parker initially to help with my knee / hip discomfort from knee surgery that rendered me less mobile and facing more knee surgery. He has also been nutritionally working with me to relieve my sinus & GI issues.

I am happy to provide testimony that I have been able to avoid recommended medical surgeries under the holistic chiropractic and nutritional care with Dr. Parker. I am currently enjoying the ability to sit, stand, climb, and walk without the debilitating pain in my hip / knee that plagued me before. And I have been able to postpone knee replacement surgery. Other surgery being planned was laser surgery to remove chronic sinus infection and the removal of my gallbladder. These surgeries have been thankfully postponed! Indefinitely I hope!!

I have not had a sinus infection in over 1 ½ years. My body has been free of pharmaceutical antibiotics for the 1st time in 20 years. I am enjoying every Michigan season without dealing with sinus pain and breathing difficulties. Gastrointestinal issues surrounding my gallbladder, liver, and panaceas have subsided. I no longer have the insufferable bloat and pressure discomfort under my ribcage.

I have lost 25 lbs of stubborn weight thus far with Dr. Parker’s holistic health plan. I look forward to continued travel down this “holistic health” highway of chiropractic & nutrition care with Dr. Kevin Parker for the next 50-some years of my life! Yes, my personal goal of living to be 100+ years old does not appear to be a complete fantasy with holistic health care!!

Sincerely, Suzanne S


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